Contact Lens Consultations

Trying out contact lenses for the first time?

Current lenses no longer comfortable?

Look no further!

Our consultation service include:

    1. Prescription Checks

    2. Assessment of Eye Health

    3. Contact Lens Fitting & Assessment

    4. Follow-up Consultation (if necessary)

First time soft contact wearers will be entitled to 5 pairs of trial contact lenses for the purpose of teaching and trial fitting.*

Additionally, we provide consultation for:

   1. Spherical and Astigmatic Disposable Lenses

   2. Cosmetic Disposable Lenses

   3. Multi-focal Soft Lenses

   4. Extended Wear (Conventional) Lens

Do contact us at our hotline for further enquiries!

Otherwise, book an appointment with us today!

*Only applicable for daily disposable lenses.

For monthly lenses, only 1 extra pair will be dispensed.

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