Enriching Young Lives through Eyecare Awareness

Last July, KJ Optometrists had the joy of raising the eyecare awareness of our budding leaders of Singapore! In partnership with Johnson & Johnson, Feng Yuan, our Optometrist engaged the students of Hwa Chong Institution in an interactive assembly session. It was heartwarming to see our teenagers so eager to protect their eyes, knowing well that good vision is needed for a promising future.

Singapore has one of the highest rate of myopia in the world - with about 7/10 teens with the condition. The prevalence of myopia in young people is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide. Short-sightedness is a significant public health problem because those with myopia remain short-sighted for life and face higher risks of eye problems later in life as well.

Despite the eye boggling statistics, we remember what Nelson Mandala once said: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". During the interactive Eyecare Awareness talk at Hwa Chong Institution, our passionate Optometrist had 2 simple advice for our young ones:

1) Go outdoors and play.

Studies showed that spending 2-3 hours of outdoor activities protects children against myopia. While our young teens would rejoice at the idea of spending more time outdoors, parents should ensure that they avoid going out during the hottest part of the day (12-2pm), to keep well-hydrated and to protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays by wearing either a cap or spectacles/ sunglasses/ contact lenses with UV protection.

2) Go for a full eye health examination by a registered Optometrist annually.

Annual eye checks by Optometrists ensures that early signs of eye conditions (myopia, lazy eyes etc) are picked up and dealt with as soon as possible. With the busy lifestyle of Singaporean parents, the thought of a yearly eye health examination is so often seen as a hassle. However, the truth is, a little hassle now brings an immense convenience for the future of our little ones. Early detection of myopia allows prompt intervention by Optometrists to prevent a possibly rapid myopia progression - reducing the risks of eye problems later in life. Methods of restraining myopia progression include myopia control lenses and orthokeratology.

If you have been bringing your child for an eye health examination yearly, well done and keep it up! If you have not, fret not. You can easily book an appointment for a comprehensive eyecare examination through our website or give us a call. After the examination, an Optometrist will advice you on the proper eyecare practices and the myopic control methods suitable for your child. Together, we can battle the tides of the myopic pandemic with early intervention.


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