The Fight for Relaxation

Are you spending most of your day on your smart phone and in front of the computer?

The answer is most probably yes. Electronic gadgets have become a key part of our lives in Singapore and all over the world. According to studies, consumers spend an average of at least 12 hours on digital devices a day.

Prolonged period of near work, especially in front of digital screens, can cause eyestrains, headaches and discomfort. The digital screens emit blue light that can decrease the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that helps us regulate our sleep cycle. Long term effects of excessive blue light exposure may lead to lack of sleep and even eye conditions such as macular degeneration. This can lead to permanent vision loss! Blue light also increases the production of reactive oxygen leading to cells in the retina not having enough nutrients.

The increased near work may cause what seems to be an early “lao hua”, also known as presbyopia. Presbyopia is the condition where near vision gets blurry due to the degeneration of our natural eye lens. This condition typically affects people above 35 years old. Younger people may feel a similar sensation as they overwork their eye muscles. As a result, their vision may become blurry both at far and near. However, this can easily be solved by using special lenses!

Blue filtered lenses can help with easing the amount of blue light that we are exposed to. These lenses are one form of computer lenses. They work by cutting off certain spectrums of blue light, thus reducing digital eye strains

An anti-fatigue lens, as the name implies, helps to relax your eye and relieves visual fatigue. These lenses have a slight decrease in power at the bottom of the lenses to help relieve eye strain and provide comfortable vision at near. The top part of the lenses corrects distance vision like normal single vision lenses do. Essentially, they work similarly to a progressive lens. However, progressive lenses typically have a larger difference between the top and bottom portions.

Which lens is the most suitable for me?

We will be offering a free upgrade to blue filter lenses instore from now until the end of 2018.

Feel free to call us at 63330280 OR 6844255 for more details!

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