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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Our eyes are important to us.

Studies show that certain sight-threatening diseases, such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy that can cause blindness do not necessarily exhibit symptoms. And once the damage has been done, there is very little that we can to reverse it.

Therefore, regardless of whether you wear glasses or not, we would always advise for annual eye examinations in case the damages from undetected eye conditions become irreversible.Our comprehensive eye examinations include Prescription Checks, Slit-Lamp Examination for Eye Health and Cataracts Screening, Retinal Imaging, Intra-Ocular Eye Pressure Test as well as a Detailed Examination Report if necessary.



Retinal Imaging (Glaucoma/Diabetic Retinopathy Screening)

Besides being asymptomatic, certain eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are leading causes of blindness worldwide. In Singapore, 40% of blindness is attributed to Glaucoma as reported by Singhealth. As the disease occurs at the back of the eye, they might be missed out if one doesn’t look at the back during routine prescription checks.

At KJ, we do this as a value-added service for all our customers who purchase glasses from us, by utilising a highly specialized Retinal Camera which enables us to detect even the slightest signs of these diseases and many others.


Contact Lens Consultation

Trying out contact lenses for the first time? Let us help you with that! Our Optometrists are licensed to perform consultations for spherical, astigmatic, multi-focal as well as conventional (yearly) soft contact lenses. However, this is not exhaustive and our Optometrists do cover a broad range of other contact lens fitting as well such as rigid gas permeable hard lenses and keratoconus scleral lenses. Speak to us about it if you want your vision to be corrected by contact lenses!


Prescription Checks


Everyone needs an accurate prescription in front of their glasses. If not, an individual might have complaints of blurry vision, eye strains, headaches or even feeling giddiness. At KJ, we’ve helped countless individuals to get clear and comfortable vision, reduce their eye strain and in some cases, helped them take away giddiness that they’ve experienced with their old glasses.

Additionally, as Optometrists, we are also licensed by the Ministry of Health to perform eye tests for children. It is especially important for them, as their vision is always changing, and good vision is required for them to perform well in class. We do also have special spectacle frames suitable for them, so drop by our stores to have a look.Don’t let poor vision affect you, don’t let poor vision affect them as well.



Orthokeratology is a safe and effective, non-surgical way to correct your vision at night, such that you won’t require glasses or contacts during the day! How this works is through reshaping the cornea through Ortho-K hard contact lenses worn at night when you are sleeping. Most wearers are able to achieve 6/6 visual acuity binocularly. Studies have shown that these lenses have also been proven to be effective in controlling myopia. As Optometrists, we are licensed to fit these lenses and at KJ, we’ll most definitely guide you through this process and step you through this programme.